Workantile Traditions: Social Lunch

Nearly every Wednesday, Workantile members sit down to each lunch. Together. In real life. Away from our computers. 

Some weeks it’s just a couple folks sitting down with their brown bag lunches. Other weeks, we struggle to squeeze everyone around one table, sampling four different potluck chilis and twelve different toppings.

We’ve been doing this for years. It’s a core part of Workantile’s community culture. It’s how we get to know new members and build friendships. It’s how I know about Anna’s cheesemaking hobby and Laura’s intention to meal prep on Sundays. We discuss local elections and receive D&D podcast recommendations.

Recently, someone prompted me to define “community.” It’s a word that means so many different things. Sometimes, it’s just a space in which people coexist. Workantile’s community is more than that for many of us. It’s about sharing: not just sharing space and sharing food, but sharing our ideas, our values, our struggles. 

And pie. We also love sharing pie.