Member Reviews

“I LOVE this co-working community. Emphasis on “community.” They’re my family-away-from-home and keep me sane and happy as a remote worker. I’ve been a member for years.”
– Merrill (Writer and Editor)

“I have been a member of this community for about a year and it has been such a great experience. I’m a remote worker with a home office but being new to Ann Arbor I wanted a way to get my work done while also connecting with interesting people. Workantile is an excellent balance between a place where I can go put my head down and get work done but also have a social outlet and tap into a community of generous, smart, and creative folks. The location downtown is great, with plenty of bike space and easy access from the bus station, and the WiFi is always solid. Especially if you’re new to Ann Arbor, this is a great place to do work and take calls with plenty of opportunities to connect with others.” 
– Brendan (Digital Strategist & Creative Director)

As the gig economy, remote work, two career family, and high velocity relocation grows and impacts workers (and especially being in the shadow of U of M), co-working has been and will continue to be a strong need in Ann Arbor. Working alone in the house, day after day, with very little connection to anybody can be lonely, isolating and depressing. I don’t recommend it.

As a model for *how* to do do co-working, I can think of no better model than Workantile. Being co-involved in the collaborative project of the space and community itself is such an ingenious way to facilitate meaningful interactions between members. It’s totally opposite from the alternative model of a for profit company which is expected to provide services for members who then have no real reason to interact.

As to the facilities themselves, Workantile is a ground level retail space bathed in light, in the middle of downtown shops and eateries. The desks and phone rooms are plentiful, the internet is fast and flawless, and the coffee is delicious. There is nothing left to want for the remote employee!
Omar – Data Scientist

“I had two years of remote work under my belt before I found Workantile. Even though I’m an introvert and generally dislike meeting new people, I’ve been here now … 8 years. Workantile is a community, not just a desk with great WIFI. It’s a place to go away from barking dogs and your dirty laundry, near interesting people working in so many different fields. Without hesitation, I can say that Workantile is the reason I’m still in Ann Arbor.” 
– Cory (Manager, Technical Communications)

“I’ve been a member of Workantile for almost two years. It’s been a life-saver; working from home can be really limiting and distracting. I’m a remote employee and having “co-workers” here has been immensely helpful! We have a real sense of community here too – weekly social lunches, game nights, happy hours, holiday parties, etc. I know most members because we all actively participate and engage with each other, which is really nice.

All different types of folks work here – from technical to sales and everything in between. Very open and diverse. Come on in and try a free day and see if you like it!”
– Laura (Director of Sales)

“I couldn’t work remotely without Workantile. Having a place to go for work where I can settle in gets me in the productive mindset. The community is thoughtful and kind, and the Slack is the best guide everything Ann Arbor.”
– George (Software Developer)

“I’m a writer, and I worked at home for a lot of years, but, slowly, isolation crept in and my productivity began to drop off sharply.  Coffee shops and libraries were not providing the structure, or the human connections that I needed.  As soon as I joined Workantile, I joined a professionally-oriented community.  I could work in a comfortable, work-focused environment, but still have the daily give and take around the coffee station that I had missed.  My productivity shot up and my stress level dropped.  I’ve been a member now for 9 years and am about to complete my 15th published novel.  I highly recommend Workantile for creative professionals who are finding the home office less ideal than they thought it might be.”
– Sarah (Novelist)

“Workantile is a great place to work remotely. It provides a community type environment that often can be missed while working remotely. The process to apply is clearly outlined, and the members have created a very friendly and welcoming environment to walk into. There is plenty of space, privacy as needed, and conference rooms available. Joining Workantile has made my transition to a new state easier!”
– Emery (Risk Management Administrator)