Benefits of Membership

The Community

  • Coworkers who understand what remote work is all about
  • Weekly social lunches
  • Scheduled social events like game nights, tastings and picnics
  • Impromptu happy-hours and conversations
  • Homemade and local baked goods
  • Assorted cold drinks and Zingerman’s coffee
  • Access to our Slack team

The Space

  • Use of the 3000 Sq/Ft space you can see here
  • 24/7 secure access for full members
  • Private phone rooms
  • Conference rooms (full members can reserve these in advance)
  • Private kitchenette and bathroom
  • Full members can host external events once per month


  • Super-fast and reliable internet access
  • Enterprise class WiFi equipment
  • Airplay enabled sound system
  • Color and B&W laser printers, copier and scanner with paper feeder
  • Document shredder
  • Plentiful external monitors

What’s Happening @Workantile

Q: What did the bagel say to the pastor?
A: I’m holier than you.

Come enjoy @zingermans bagels and dad jokes at Workantile. It's bagel day! #coworking #community

Only nine more hours until that Workantile Open House and AAWA Art Show! Stop by anytime between 6PM and 10PM for original art (20% off!) and gift trial memberships (50% off!).

Puppies of Workantile presents: Lola! I have no clue whose dog this is, but she was around long enough in 2016 to snap a pic of #doggiecoworking. #throwbackthursday #TBT

It's All Members Day! The first Wednesday of every month at Workantile is All Members Day, which means that Supporting members and Affiliate members can hang out and join social lunch without using day passes.

Q: What does a bagel do when it's locked out of its house?
A: It calls a loxsmith.

Come enjoy @zingermans bagels and dad jokes at Workantile. It's bagel day! #coworking #community

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